Tiger Tag

Tiger Mountain Summer Cross Country Competition

Participating in the competition :

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To provide a fun and safe competition that builds skill and is accessible to all pilots regardless of time commitments, wing performance and retrieve options.

Claim a Tiger Tag Flight

Download The Tracklog

Download the tracklog from your GPS using Garmins MapSource or g7towin.

Save the file as a Garmin .gdb file and name it firstname lastname mm-dd-yy.gdb ( e.g. David Wheeler 09-05-05.gdb ).

Email the file, along with the wing you flew (and the DHV rating), whether you landed in the LZ, top-landed or landed out, and comments you would like to record about the flight to

Use the following format for the claim email :

Claim date : 07/31/06
Wing flown : Windtech Tempest - DHV 2
Landed out.

I confirm that I did not fly in Class B airspace.
I confirm that I did not fly in clouds.


You must send in your tracklog by the end of the 7th day beginning on the day after the flight.

The scorer will endeavor to publish the score on the resuls page as soon as possible.


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