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Tiger Mountain Summer Cross Country Competition

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To provide a fun and safe competition that builds skill and is accessible to all pilots regardless of time commitments, wing performance and retrieve options.

Tiger Tag Administration

To contact the Tiger Tag administrator, send and email to


Rule changes for the 2006 Summer season have been posted.

Proposed Rule Changes

This section will list all proposed changes to the rules, the reasons for the change and any comments during the process to decide if the changes will be implemented.

Change the tag bonus to be a leg bonus. 3 points would be awarded for each unique leg between two waypoints. The bonus would only be awarded the first time a leg was traversed. This would discourage simple triangle circuits performed all day, but would allow out and backsStart of 2007 season.

Accepted Rule Changes

This section will list accepted rule change proposals and the date those changes will be implemented.

Declined Rule Changes

This section will list declined proposed rule changes.


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